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  Hours:M-F 8am - 8pmSat 9am - 4pmSun 9am - 1pm

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In addition to prescription and over-the-counter medicines, we also stock a wide variety of vitamins, bandages, and other health care products. We can refill your prescriptions in person or electronically. We have a dedicated staff pharmacists ready to answer your questions about your medications, including taking them with food, missing a dose and storing them properly.


Free Home Delivery


We also offer home delivery of medications Monday through Friday 9 am to 7 pm (last delivery starts at 5:45PM) and Saturday 9AM to 5PM. We will try to deliver the same day and within a requested time if possible, but there can be no guarantees that all special requests can be honored for that day. In case of bad weather, we will try to make deliveries, but it is important that we abide by any snow emergency restrictions for the safety of our drivers.

Free Mediplanners


We can also provide for any patient a disposable weekly planner, so medications are taken correctly by the patient. Please note that we are only allowed to repackage medications that we fill in the pharmacy. We cannot use medications from mail order and another pharmacy.  We confirm all medication orders with the patient’s physician making sure that the correct medication is being given with the proper dosing instructions. We can deliver a new planner on a Friday or Saturday for the coming week. Any new medication order would be placed in the next delivered planner and the new medication would be delivered in a bottle just for the remainder of the week. Discontinued  medications would have to be stopped in the  current planner  and a discussion on how that could be done would depend on the patient  and what we would need to do to make sure that it is stopped. Our patients’ safety is our main goal.



Gifts & More

In addition to medications and health care items, we carry a wide assortment of products to meet your everyday needs. You’ll find cards, cosmetics, hair care, candy, beverages, school supplies and more. We also have a great selection of unique gifts, such as local pottery, figurines, and educational toys. Stop by today to see what we have for you.

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